TNS-04414: File error when using dbca silent

When hurriedly using a set of silent database creation scripts on 11gR2 I stumbled several times across an error where dbca was failing after about 15s, and had not even started copying files. The log files in $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbca/<my_db> all contained:

Copying database files
TNS-04414: File error
  caused by: TNS-04610: No literals left, reached end of NV pair

Various posts on the web were suggesting a problem in the tnsnames.ora file which was almost true:
In my haste, I had neglected to set the hostname properly. When you install an Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.x, the installer will put your fully qualified domain name in file
Thus the hostname command will return your server FQDN:


Well your Oracle listener set up will not like that because you will endup with a listener.ora entry looking like this:

      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = srvoel7onp04.easyteam.local)(PORT = 1521))

Once I corrected the hostname to remove the domain name,


I reconfigured the listener and dbca ran fine. The good thing about OEL7.x is that you just need to edit the /etc/hostname file without having to reboot, unlike its older cousin OEL6.x where you had to reboot after editing /etc/sysconfig/network