Easyteam will host The Paris Oracle Meetup on Wednesday 21st of May

Easyteam and Easyteam Cloud Institute are happy to host the 6th Paris Oracle Meetup On Wednesday 21st of May, 2014 at its office, near Esplanade de la Défense! Special guest for that special night will be Matt Ahrens, co-founder of ZFS. You can join in and register for free like 120 Oracle professionals on the Meetup website:

The 21st of May, 2014 Meetup Title is « ZFS and OpenZFS by Matt Ahrens, co-founder of ZFS« . You’ll learn more about the revolutionary filesystems developed by Sun and its open-source counterpart. How do they work? What products on the market are relying on it? Share with one of the originals and guess what the future(s) of ZFS will be.

You can already register for the 7th and 8th Paris Oracle Meetups both dedicated to Oracle Database 12c SQL Performance. Ou Special guests are both Oracle ACE directors and OakTable Members:

The Paris Oracle Meetup is a unique opportunity to meet with Oracle professionals, like yourself, an share with a drink some famous stories. Come and Join!