Weblogic 12c – JDBC Data Source Control Operations


The data source control operations are useful in situations such as when an Oracle RAC node is down or during a database maintenance window:
The  Shrink operation closes the idle connections of the pool, freeing the database connections and resources in use. It reduces the opened connections until the greater value is between the minimum capacity parameter and the in-use connection.

The Reset operation resets the pool, closing and reopening all the database connections.

The Clear Statement Cache operation clears the callable and prepared statement caches.
.NOTE.  The  Clear Statement Cache operation is useful when there are changes in DBMS objects such as stored procedures. Some exceptions and errors can be caused by deprecated cached statements.

The Suspend operation disables the data source. Although it leaves the connection state unchanged in the pool, the applications cannot borrow connections.

The Suspend operation can also be forced. In this case, all connections are closed.

The Resume operation resumes a suspended data source.

The Shutdown operation shuts down the data source. If there are connections in use by the application, the application operation, in the course of time, will fail and return an error.
The Shutdownoperation can be forced. In this case, if the connections are in use, WebLogic will
forcibly close all of them and will shut down the data source.

The Start operation starts a stopped data source.