Oracle Siebel : How to add a message in the header of an applet

Sometimes we need to see main data without show a screen in full mode! In Oracle Siebel World this point of view can be translated like this:
« Sometimes we need to some main controls without using the Show More mode on a Form Applet! »
If you know very well Siebel you see what I mean… … but let me provide you a short example!

On the standard Form Applet for the Service Request (named Service Request Detail Applet) we do not see the Severity Control in Show Less mode (the default mode for this Form Applet)…
So, we can update this Form Applet then set the Severity Control without the Show More option, this type of update can be performed quickly by using Tools:
But we have another choice: the Applet Message feature…
Very simple: we will use a free zone of text to put in real time the value from the Severity Control.
First step is to create the Message at the Applet level, the requested one:
The Message is in fact a concatenation of a frozen text and a variable identified by a number. In our example the Message looks like « Severity is » more the variable number 1, but Tools should be able to understand that 1 is the variable number instead the value 1. So to do this we need to prefix the number by the special character %. The complete Message is « Severity is %1».
The next step is to link the variable with the Severity Field, such setup is made inside the properties of the Applet Message.


The Applet Message has been created, the variable linked to the Field… So we just need to put the Applet Message at the good place… This operation is the same that we do when we add a new Control in a Form Applet:

  • We create a Control then associate it with the Message created above (same process used the create a Control linked with a Field):


  • We put the Message Control on the grid layout to the desired location:

The final step is to recompile the Sibel Repository File like expected. Then we can see the Severity value with the message on the header of the Service Request Detail Applet. No need to click on Show More to see the SR Severity…

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