The Standard Edition 2 is available

The Standard Edition 2 is available!
It is now official, the Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 is available (it can be downloaded here:
Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) will replace SE and SE1 from version
New eligibility rules:
SE2 will have a limitation of maximum 2 socket systems and a total of 16 CPU threads. We speak about threads, not cores!
The new version of SE for Database brings new licensing rules which will have a huge impact on anyone who has been using Standard Edition One and/or Standard Edition to date, especially if they’re running RAC on SE.
SE2 is hard coded in Resource Manager to use no more than 16 CPU threads.
Small revolution: the minimum number of NUP to cover the SE2 is now proportional to the computing power behind (as in the « Enterprise » editions): it takes a minimum NUP 10 licenses per server for SE2.

  • 10 servers with DB SE or SE1 => 5 NUP licenses
  • 10 servers with 2 DB SE => 100 NUM licenses

From a business point of view:
Oracle offers customers a migration « almost free » license SE and SE1 to SE2 (actually customers with a SE1 will be applied a 20% increase in terms of support cost).
Customers with an SE version does suffer no additional cost subject to meeting the minimum in terms of NUP licenses.
SE and SE1 versions will be removed from the Price List on 1 December 2015.
In terms of features of the SE2 versions compared to EE, SE and SE1, Oracle provides the following details:
Pricing rules have obviously been updated accordingly on September 1:
As well as the documentation relating to aspects « Licensing » available here:
Amendment of licenses accounting rules introduced with the SE2 is another good reason to have an accompanying Software Assets Management Oracle LM quality!