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R12.2 Implement Oracle Workflow

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Oracle E Business suite
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This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.1 or R12.2

In this intensive course, you will get an overview of the architecture and features of Oracle Workflow and the benefits of using Oracle Workflow in an e-business environment. You will learn how to design workflow processes to automate and streamline business processes, and how to define event subscriptions to perform processing triggered by business events.

Learn To:

  • Design a workflow process using Oracle Workflow Builder.
  • Define subscription-based processing for business events.
  • Set up and administer Oracle Workflow for a site.

Benefits to You

Better understand how to effectively respond to workflow notifications, administer and monitor workflow processes, and understand the setup steps required for Oracle Workflow, so that your organization can more rapidly realize the full value of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Build a Foundation

The Implement Oracle Workflow course course gives you the foundation to effectively administer and monitor workflow processes, respond to workflow notifications, and ensure smooth operations using Oracle Workflow in an e-business environment. Demonstrations and hands-on activities reinforce the fundamental concepts of Oracle Workflow.


  • Design a workflow process using Oracle Workflow Builder
  • Describe how Oracle Workflow with the Business Event System enables business process definition, automation, and integration
  • Respond to notifications
  • Monitor the status of a runtime workflow process
  • Define subscription-based processing for business events
  • Implement advanced workflow process design features
  • Define specialized worklist views using worklist flexfields
  • Set up and administer Oracle Workflow for a site



Workflow Processes

  • Planning a Workflow Process
  • Diagramming a Workflow Process
  • Defining Item Type Attributes and Lookup Types
  • Defining Messages and Notification Activities
  • Defining Function Activities
  • Post-Notification Functions
  • Defining Event Activities

Monitoring Workflow Processes

  • Testing Workflow Processes
  • Reviewing the Status of Workflow Processes
  • Specialized Workflow Monitoring

Workflow Notifications

  • Viewing and Responding to Notifications
  • Worklist Flexfields

Oracle Workflow Directory Service

  • Predefined Directory Service
  • Directory Service Views
  • Local Directory Service Tables
  • Ad Hoc Users and Roles
  • Loading Roles

Defining Business Event System Processing

  • Business Events
  • Event Subscriptions
  • Systems and Agents

Workflow Engine

  • Forced Synchronous Processing
  • Master/Detail Coordination Activities

Oracle Workflow APIs

  • Workflow Process APIs
  • Business Event System APIs
  • PL/SQL Documents
  • Selector/Callback Functions

Workflow Administration

  • Setting Up Oracle Workflow
  • Workflow Loaders
  • Error Handling
  • Managing Service Components
  • Managing System Status and Throughput

Customizing Workflow Processes

  • Access Protection
  • Access Levels
  • Preserving Customizations



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