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Oracle Service Bus 11g: System Admin, Design & Integrate Acc

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This is a bundled course comprised of Oracle Service Bus 11g: System Administration and Oracle Service Bus 11g:
Design and Integrate Services.
Oracle Service Bus enables the integration of services that support a variety of different protocols, security policies, and
service level agreements.
In the System Administration course, you learn how to install and configure OSB 11g, and also gain hands-on
experience in administrating its different components by using the Service Bus Console, WebLogic Scripting Tool
(WLST), and WebLogic Server Administration console. It also covers the management, monitoring, securing, and high
availability of services hosted through Oracle Service Bus 11g.
In the Design & Integrate Services course, you learn how to create Oracle Service Bus resources. You also learn how to
route messages and use message flow best practices. You are introduced to Oracle Service Bus Security and how to
debug with Oracle Service Bus.

Learn to

Manage and monitor OSB
Implement Oracle Web Services Manager security in securing OSB services
Enrich, route and validate messages within the Service Bus
Understand Message Level Security and securing Oracle Service Bus
Use some of the basic transports in Oracle Service Bus
Install and configure Oracle Service Bus 11g

Course Objectives
Automate OSB tasks using WLST scripts
Monitor service bus health and SLAs
Install OSB 11g and initialize a domain and database support
Define service level agreements that trigger alerts
Configure transport and message-based security policies
Create OSB resources
Route messages in different ways
Migrate an OSB configuration from staging to production environments
Secure OSB with OWSM


Getting Started with OSB

Oracle Service Bus and SOA
OSB 11g Product Architecture
Describing the Functional Layers of Oracle Service Bus
OSB and Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

Installing Oracle Service Bus 11g

Installing the Product
Incorporating Different OSB Domain Topology
Configuring an OSB Domain

Service Bus Administration Tools

Working with the OSB Administration Console
Accessing the OSB Test Console

Service Bus Management

Working with OSB Session
Propagating a Service Bus Configuration
Customizing a Service Bus Configuration
Managing OSB Using WLST

Reporting and Monitoring

Service Bus Monitoring
Service Bus Operational Settings
Working with SLA Alerts
OSB Reporting Architecture

Service Bus Security

OSB and Oracle Web Services Manager Security
Configuring the OSB Security Environment
Securing a Proxy Service by Using OWSM policies
Propagating Identity from OSB to Secured Web Service

Service Bus High Availability

OSB High Availability Architecture
Creating an OSB Cluster
Service Endpoint Scalability
Load Balancing Services Endpoint

Service Bus Performance Tuning

Factors Affecting OSB Performance
Partitioning OSB Deployments into Multiple OSB Domains
Tuning an OSB Instance
Service Result Caching with Coherence
Throttling and Service Pooling

Configuring Enterprise Repository and Service Registry

Service Lifecycle Implementation by Using OER-OSR
Ways to Populate OER from OSB
Service Registry Integration Scenarios
Import Business Services

Message Flow

Introducing the Oracle Service Bus Resources
Explaining the Message Context Model and the Message Context Variables
Understanding the Message Flow and the Nodes/Elements of a Message Flow

Message Flow Actions

Describing the Communication Actions You Can Add to a Route or a Stage in a Message Flow
Describing the Flow Control Action You Can Add to a Route or a Stage in a Message Flow
Describing the Message Processing Actions You Can Add to a Stage in a Message Flow
Describing the Reporting Actions You Can Add to a Stage in a Message Flow
Using XQuery Mapping and Transformations

Message Flow Best Practices

Introducing Split-Joins
Describing the Concept of Dynamic Routing

Transports in Oracle Service Bus

Describing Oracle SOA Suite Transport (SOA-DIRECT)
Describing JCA Transport
Describing Representational State Transfer (REST)

Debugging with Oracle Service Bus
Describing and Configuring Error Handling in Oracle Service Bus
Configuring Validation in Oracle Service Bus
Explaining the Usage of the Reporting Action

Introduction to Oracle Service Bus Security

Introducing Oracle Service Bus Security
Securing OSB with OWSM
Introducing Message Level Security

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