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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.0: Cloud Management

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Companies want to realize the benefits of a private cloud but at the same time avoid the risks in building such a complex infrastructure.
Exalogic Elastic Cloud: Cloud Management teaches you about a comprehensive virtual data center solution that's also secure and easy to use.

  • Automate cloud tasks with the IaaS command line interface
  • Create and use custom vServer templates
  • Describe the default Exalogic Control installation
  • Access and use the Exalogic Control interface
  • Manage and monitor cloud accounts and users
  • Create public and private virtual networks
  • Create and manage storage volumes
  • Create and manage virtual servers


Cloud Concepts

  • Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Comparing Different Cloud Service Categories
  • Explaining the Concept of Multi-Tenancy
  • Describing Storage and Network Virtualization

The Exalogic Cloud Solution

  • Describing Exalogic's Hardware and Software
  • Describing Exalogic's Cloud Architecture
  • Capabilities of Exalogic Control
  • Describing Several Exalogic Cloud Roles
  • Discussing a Typical Cloud Provisioning Workflow

Initial Cloud Configuration

  • Explaining the Exalogic Installation Process
  • Describing the Default Exalogic Control Topology
  • Comparing Several Default Exalogic Networks
  • The role of partitions and VLANs in Exalogic
  • Navigating the Exalogic Control Browser Interface

Hardware Asset Management

  • Exploring the Exalogic System
  • Locating and Monitoring Hardware Assets
  • Monitoring Switches and Networks
  • Generating System Reports
  • Identifying and Resolving Incidents

User and Account Management

  • Integrating Exalogic Control with a Directory Server
  • Creating Cloud Administration Users
  • Controlling Administrative Privileges
  • Creating Cloud Users
  • Defining Virtual Data Center Accounts
  • Monitoring Resource Usage for an Account

Virtual Network Management

  • Describing Exalogic Network Fabrics
  • Comparing Public and Private Virtual Networks
  • Creating Public and Private vNets
  • Monitoring Custom vNets

Virtual Storage Management

  • Explaining Exalogic's Virtual Storage Architecture
  • Creating and Initializing a Storage Volume
  • Attaching a Volume to a Virtual Server
  • Capturing a Volume Snapshot

Virtual Server Management

  • Explaining Exalogic's Virtual Server Architecture
  • Enumerating vServer Concepts Including Over-Subscription and High Availability
  • Compaing vServer Types and Templates
  • Creating a Custom vServer Type
  • Starting and Stopping vServers
  • Distributing vServers Across Multiple Nodes

Virtual Server Templates

  • Explaining the Need for Custom Templates
  • Cloning an Existing Template
  • Converting a vServer to a Template
  • Modifying Virtual Disk Contents
  • Using the ModifyJeOS Tool
  • Uploading a Template to Exalogic Control

IaaS Command Line Interface

  • Installing the IaaS Software on a Remote Compute
  • Creating Access Keys
  • Creating or Managing vServer Types, Volumes, Snapshots, and Distribution Groups
  • Creating, Starting, and Stopping vServers
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