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Oracle Application Express: Advanced Workshop

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This workshop helps the participants to build on what they learned in the 5-day Oracle Application Express: Developing Web Applications course.
Topics such as application navigation and content, Plug-ins and how they can be used in the APEX application are examined.
Participants learn to define complex client-side behavior by making use of dynamic actions.
In addition, how to build a Custom Tabular Form that uses collections and validations is discussed. Participants learn to extend their application in the areas of adding BLOB data, PDF printing, and Web services in addition to copying and modifying templates,creating and modifying a new theme.
Knowledge on some of the advanced charting techniques is also shared.
Examining some of the other APIs that are available as well as monitoring and managing the application using custom activity monitoring is discussed.
This course is 50% lecture and 50% practices.

  • Manage application navigation by using hierarchical lists with images, database-driven navigation, site maps, and dashboards
  • Build custom tabular forms that use collections and validations
  • Define Client-Side behaviors by using Dynamic Actions
  • Import, use Plug-ins and optimize the performance of Plug-ins
  • Extend applications by adding BLOB data, and incorporating Web services
  • Print reports within APEX using report queries and report layouts utilizing BI Publisher
  • Utilize advanced charting techniques in Application Express
  • Manipulate application content through templates, themes, and style sheets
  • Secure your application by using LDAP and prevent SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting and usage of Session State Protection
  • Monitor and manage your application by using custom reports


Managing Application Navigation

  • Building a Hierarchical List with Images
  • Building a Database Driven Navigation Report
  • Building a Site Map
  • Adding a Dashboard
  • Incorporating Security into Navigation
  • Manipulating Interactive Reports
  • Managing Feedback

Building Custom Tabular Forms

  • Building a Declarative Tabular Form
  • Building a Tabular Form Manually
  • Adding Validations to your Tabular Form
  • Managing Changes to the Tabular Form using Collections

Defining Client-Side Behaviors

  • Examining the two types of Dynamic Actions
  • Creating Advanced Dynamic Actions to define complex Client-Side Behavior
  • Changing the Class When an Item Is Null
  • Disabling a Button When an Item Is Null
  • Highlighting an Item When the Value of Another Item Changes
  • Setting the Value of an Item When Another Item Changes
  • Deleting and Re-Creating a Row in a Report
  • Refreshing the Data in a Report Using Custom Filters

Creating and Customizing Plug-ins

  • Identifying the Steps to Creating and Using Plug-in in your Application
  • Importing a Plug-in
  • Importing and Using the Star Rating Item Type Plug-in
  • Importing and Using the Notification Dynamic Action Plug-in
  • Optimizing the Performance of your Plug-ins
  • Creating and Using a Send E-mail Process Type Plug-in

Extending Your Application

  • Adding binary large object (BLOB) data to your Application
  • Incorporating Web Services into your Application
  • Creating and Using a RESTful Web Service
  • Exposing a Report Region as a RESTful Web Service
  • Accessing Application Express Objects in SQL Developer

Customizing Themes and Templates

  • Copying and Modifying a template
  • Creating and modifying a theme
  • Using a variety of styles in a template

Utilizing Application Express Printing

  • Printing a Standard Report with Derived Output
  • Creating a PDF Report with Multiple Queries
  • Including Dynamic Images in Your Report
  • Creating a Report with a Custom XML and XSL
  • Creating a Report with a Dynamic Layout Selection

Advanced Charting Techniques

  • Building different types of Charts
  • Creating a multiseries 3D Column chart
  • Creating a Combined Chart
  • Creating and Customizing a Project Gantt Chart
  • Creating and Customizing a Gauge Chart
  • Creating a Map and Associating Data with the Map

Securing your Application

  • Authenticating Users Using LDAP
  • Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
  • Preventing Cross-Site Scripting
  • Using Session State Protection

Monitoring and Managing your Application

  • Using Prepackaged Monitoring Capabilities
  • Monitoring Activity of your Application
  • Monitoring Performance of your Application
  • Tuning your Application
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