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Fusion Applications: Procurement Implementation

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The course covers mandatory tasks that need to be performed once the system has been installed and provisioned for your use.
It also explores some common administration and configuration tasks.
Using lectures, instructor demonstrations, and hands-on activities, you will learn how to configure components for creating and maintaining Oracle Fusion Procurement.

    Foundational Topics

The course covers foundational topics to help you develop a base level understanding of Oracle Fusion Procurement.
Expert Oracle instructors will help you explore how to set up various areas of the product.
This class is not focused on end-user tasks, features or functions but does provide a basic introduction to the features that you are configuring.

    Learn To:

  • Navigate the application and the new setup manager
  • Perform basic Fusion Procurement catalog content setup
  • Set up business units for use in Fusion Procurement
  • Perform required Oracle Fusion Purchasing configurations that support all Fusion Procurement applications

  • Learn how to use Oracle Functional Setup Manager to implement Oracle Fusion Procurement
  • Identify the key concepts of the Oracle Fusion Procurement Offering that determine a successful implementation
  • Understand the integration of the Oracle Fusion Procurement implementation within the overall implementation of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Learn how to configure Common Fusion Application features for use with Procurement
  • Learn how to define common Procurement configurations
  • Learn the major implementation components for Oracle Fusion Purchasing, Self Service Procurement, Supplier Portal, and Sourcing


Using Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Browse and Configure Fusion Setup Offerings
  • Generate a List of Setup Tasks
  • Maintain Your Implementation Project

Implementing the Common Application Functionality

  • Fusion Enterprise Structures Overview
  • Define Legal Entities for Procurement
  • Define Business Units for Procurement
  • Define Facilities for Procurement
  • Security for Procurement
  • Approval Management for Procurement

Implementing Common Procurement Functionality

  • Define Basic Catalogs
  • Define Supplier Configuration
  • Define and Maintain Other Common Procurement Setups

Setting Up Oracle Fusion Purchasing

  • Define Purchasing Document Configuration
  • Define Requisition Configuration
  • Define Business Function Configuration
  • Define Receiving Parameters for Purchasing
  • Define Procurement Agents

Setting Up Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement

  • Define and Maintain Profile Options and Category Hierarchy
  • Define and Maintain Flexfields for Information Templates
  • Create, Manage, and Secure Catalogs
  • Agreement Loader Overview
  • Understand Content Map Sets

Setting Up Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal Configuration

  • Define and Maintain Setup Components for Supplier Portal
  • Configuration Including Supplier Registration, News Content, User Roles, and Role Usages

Setting Up Oracle Fusion Sourcing

  • Create and Manage Negotiation Styles
  • Create and Manage Negotiation Templates
  • Define and Maintain Lookups for Sourcing
  • Create and Manage Cost Factors
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