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Fusion Applications: HCM Global Human Resources

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This course provides implementation training for consultants, partners, and human resources specialists on an implementation team on how to set up Oracle Fusion Global HR.
Students learn how to use the Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to perform setup tasks in the Workforce Deployment offering.
This offering includes common components such as security, geographies, currencies, Oracle Fusion Help, application toolkit, and common reference objects.
This offering also includes setup tasks for enterprise structures, workforce structures, absences, HCM data security, approvals, and Oracle Fusion Profile Management.

  • Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Workforce Deployment
  • Test your setup by entering data and performing common Workforce Deployment processes
  • Identify the key concepts of Workforce Deployment that determine a successful implementation
  • Set up common HCM components, including geographies, currencies, enterprise structures, workforce structures, and batch data Set up Oracle Fusion Profile Management
  • Review security reference implementation data for HCM and define data security for HCM
  • Define approval management
  • Define common configuration, including Fusion Help, Application Toolkit, common reference objects, and Weblogic communication Set up workforce records
  • Define workforce processes and events
  • Set up absence types and absence plans
  • Manage enterprise scheduler job definitions


Workforce Deployment Course Overview

  • Workforce Deployment Implementation Key Concepts

Overview of the Functional Setup Manager

  • Offerings, Options and Features
  • Help Portal demo
  • Implementation Job Roles
  • Implementation Task Flow
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Implementation Manager Responsibilities
  • Performing Setup Tasks

Defining Common Applications Configuration for HCM

  • Defining Enterprise Structures
  • Defining Geographies
  • Defining Currencies and Currency Rates
  • Defining Workforce Structures
  • Defining Grades, Jobs, and Positions
  • Defining Workforce Profiles
  • Defining Security
  • Defining Checklists and Events

Defining Absences

  • Defining Absences Objectives
  • Defining General Absences
  • Defining Absence Plans
  • Managing Absence Types
  • Creating an Absence Element and Absence Type Activity
  • Managing Accrual Plans
  • Managing Entitlement Plans

Defining Help Configuration

  • Setting Help Options
  • Assigning Help Text Administration Duty
  • Managing Help Security Groups

Maintaining Common Reference Objects

  • Defining Flexfields
  • Defining Attachments
  • Defining Lookups
  • Defining Trees

Defining Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs

  • Managing Job Definitions
  • Managing List of Values Sources
  • Referencing Resources

Appendix: Defining Application Toolkit Configuration

  • Reports and Analytics Pane
  • Map Reports to Work Areas
  • Watchlist
  • Setting Watchlist Options: Disabling Items and Categories
  • Setting Watchlist Options: Defining Refresh Intervals
  • Renaming Predefined Categories and Items

Appendix: Maintaining Common Reference Objects

  • Defining Trees
  • Managing Messages
  • Defining Profile Options
  • Defining Document Sequence
  • s

  • Managing Menu Customizations

Appendix: Defining Transactional Business Intelligence Configuration

  • Provisioning Roles
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