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Fusion Applications: HCM Compensation

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In this course, you will learn how to identify the key concepts of Compensation that determine a successful implementation.
You will use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement the Compensation tasks in the Compensation Management offering.
Through lectures, demonstrations and hands on activities, you will learn to configure and test compensation business processes such as base pay, individual compensation, workforce compensation and total compensation statements.

  • Understand Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Understand common applications configuration, including security
  • Understand approval management
  • Learn how to define eligibility profiles
  • Learn how to define elements, balances and formulas
  • Learn how to define base pay
  • Learn how to define individual compensation
  • Learn how to manage Workforce Compensation plans
  • Learn how to configure Workforce Compensation plan
  • Learn how to configure Workforce Compensation budgets
  • Learn how to configure Workforce Compensation worksheets
  • Learn how to configure Workforce Compensation models and reports
  • Learn how to define total compensation statements


Oracle Fusion Compensation Implementation

  • Oracle Fusion Compensation Implementation Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Overview
  • Managing Compensation
  • Analyzing Total Compensation

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager Overview

  • Job Roles
  • Implementation Process
  • Standard Reports and Documents
  • Configuring Offerings and Selecting Feature Choices
  • Offerings, Options and Features
  • Implementation Projects Overview
  • Accessing Implementation Projects and Tasks

Defining Common Applications Configuration

  • Defining Security
  • Security Key Concepts
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Function and Data Security
  • Segregation of Compensation Duties by Job Roles
  • Segregation of Total Compensation Duties by Job Roles Overview

Defining Approval Management

  • Approval Management Overview
  • Defining Workforce Structures
  • Employment Models Overview
  • Grade Rate Values Overview
  • Grade Ladders Overview
  • Benchmark and Progression Information
  • Job Families

Defining Eligibility Profiles

  • Managing Derived Factors
  • Managing Eligibility Profiles
  • Defining Eligibility Criteria

Defining Elements, Balances and Formulas

  • Managing Fast Formulas
  • Managing Payroll Elements Overview
  • Element Eligibility Criteria
  • Balance Feeds
  • Element Classifications
  • Deductions Overview
  • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model
  • Element Templates

Defining Base Pay

  • Salary Terminology and Salary Basis Overview
  • Decision Points
  • Frequencies and Annualization Factors
  • Legal Employers and Payroll Element
  • Grade Rates
  • Salary Components
  • Analysis Worksheet
  • Analysis Solution

Defining Individual Compensation

  • Managing Individual Compensation Plans
  • Plan Options
  • Dates, Eligibility Profiles, and Instruction Text
  • Plan Access
  • Access Restrictions
  • Adding Compensation to History

Managing Workforce Compensation Plans Overview

  • Key Features and Capabilities
  • Configuring Global Settings

Configuring Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation

  • Managing Compensation Plans
  • Configuring Plan Details
  • Configuring Plan Eligibility
  • Configuring Plan Cycles
  • Configuring Plan Currency
  • Configuring Plan Access
  • Configuring Feedback Survey

Configuring Workforce Compensation Budgets

  • Budgeting Overview
  • Configuring Budget Page Layout

Configuring Workforce Compensation Worksheets

  • Configuring Components
  • Configuring Performance Ratings
  • Configuring Approvals
  • Configuring Compensation Change Statements
  • Configuring Alerts
  • Configuring Worksheet Display
  • Configuring Worksheet Page Layout
  • Managing Dynamic Columns

Configuring Workforce Compensation Models and Reports

  • Configuring Modeling
  • Configuring Reports
  • Configuring Report Dimensions

Validating Workforce Compensation Plans

Defining Total Compensation Statements

  • Compensation Items
  • Estimated Values and Rounding
  • Compensation Categories
  • Contribution Type, Unit of Measure, and Level of Detail
  • Display Options, Graphs, Descriptive and Supplemental Text
  • Statement Definition Details
  • Statement Periods and Options
  • Duplicate Definitions and Reuse Statements
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